Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Possible screenings

As mentioned below, the premiere will def be in Brighton, but there are some overseas possibilities for screenings. Open House in Berlin, an art/performance space I visited in October are up for the idea. Non Grata also put a film festival on every year in Estonia. I'm not really sure about the New York scene - my friend Georg screened his film at the Walter Reade Theatre, but I can assure you, that probably costs lots of $$ so scratch that one. I might look into screening at my friend's gallery in Krakow, program and whether the art gallery is still running dependant of course!

If you hear of any film festivals, toss the names my way!

Monday, November 21, 2005

New feature: subscribe to "Only Stopping"

I've added a new feature that allows you be emailed any time there's an update on the site. Just enter your email in the box in the left-hand column and press "subscribe me". That way you don't have to keep checking in with the site.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

first film, first posting

Hi everyone

This is the official site for the film, where I will hopefully add all developments surrounding the film. So far, I've received the second edit of the film from Martin at Junk TV ( He's doing great work with it and I'm hoping to meet with him so we can agree all of the sound design work that will happen next.

Other aspects of post-production are on their way or will be soon. For the credits, I have Ben Yates & JQ, from Future Lab ( Ben & JQ are two Brighton graphic artists who are old friends and also happen to be a great working team. Go to to see more of JQ's work.

Once the film is complete, it will then go on to Jean Mark aka JFB (One Eye Records), renowned drum n bass/hiphop producer and DJ, who will create a soundtrack for the film. The soundtrack will feature an exclusive track from The Daruma Dolls - other artists TBC.

I'm off to New York for all of December to arrange for screenings after the Brighton premiere - more on that as and when the film looks closer to completion.

Sorry it's taken so long - we started filming in summer 2003 and here we are, approaching 2006. This film business is not one to be rushed, I've found, but hopefully the end result will be worth the wait.