Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New York City, Part 1

It's mind-numbling cold here in New York, and it's only day 7 of my State-side visit.

How will I survive?

Warmth has come in the form of shared bottles of red wine, gossip about writers, and Maria's iTunes playlist, which has songs I haven't heard or thought of in a hundred years, perhaps for a good reason.

Let me share some of these gems, so you too can remember and love (or cringe):
"Every Rose Has Its Thorn" - Poison; "Send Me an Angel" - Real Life; "Hands to Heaven" - Breathe; "The Promise" - When in Rome; "Do The Hustle" - Van Mc Coy (whoops! that's one of mine!); "I Remember You" - Skidrow.

If anyone has one of these songs on their playlist, let me know and I'll bring something back for you. It will be good.

Checking in as promised, your loyal servant been combing the streets over the past six days for possible screening venues. It hasn't been easy.

Yesterday, for instance, I read about a performance art piece taking place in a disused department store window. I get to the address...

...only to find that it is the tiniest space in the world and I have found myself in a love-in.

The store window is covered in swathes of pink gauze and inside, the mood is set with red fur carpet, fairy lights, bowls of oranges, nuts, and at my feet, a pile of Hershey's kisses. The space is the creation of love artist Kathe Izze, whose performance is to love you. Seriously. Once a year, she's given rein at Harvey Nichols in London and gives individual shoppers love by appointment - and for free !

Sadly, though the space was warm and loving, it just wasn't big enough for more than six people (seated). Maybe 10.

Then, a few doors down, I found what was either a firestation or a really cool art gallery.

See the pictures in the middle of the photo? Those were three firefighters that died during Sept 11th.

Nope - scratch that one.

Me, Snoop & Madison Square Garden?

I don't think so.

Today, there are two independent films being screened and I have thoughts of going down to meet the promoters.

One is called "Unknown" and it's "an exciting new action-packed thriller" starring people who were in movies I have never heard of. It's being screened by The National Research Group. Hm. Maybe give that one a miss. I don't like thrillers anyway.

The other film is called "American Astronaut" and it's being presented by the Williamsburg Screening Series at the Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg. Right around the corner from my old apartment.

The ad says the WSS takes place once a month. Have I hit pay or what? Only problem is, my film will never get a quote from the New York Times like this one did: "Nothing Short of Phenomenal!"

I wonder if I can bribe someone at NYT. Or maybe I can just use a quote from my mom.

More pictures and news to come. I've already investigated UA Village VI, Maria's bathroom, and the subway station at 59th and Lexington as potential locations, but obvious limitations apparent.

Other news: have you heard about the California death row convict, Stanley 'Tookie' Williams? He died this morning and was the 12th man to die in California since they reinstated the death penalty. This place is crazy. I'm glad I'm not in Australia, though.

Why does the world feel like it's being shaken up like a snow globe?


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