Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy New Year!

I came back from the States last Saturday...still recovering from jetlag but I did manage to unpack my bags before collapsing into a heap, which is a first for me.

My trip bore fewer fruits than I anticipated, but I have to admit, it was hard not to get lulled into thinking of it as just an opportunity to relax. I did receive a very important phonecall while playing putt-putt golf...and no, that rabbit wasn't trying to hold me for ransom.

While in New York, I stopped in at K&M Camera on East 23rd, where I purchased 4 rolls of Super 8 film for supercheap, 2 in color and 2 in black & white, with the hopes of shooting some short films this year. I've already warned Hanneka of her imminent stardom.

I wasn't as lucky at making film contacts in NYC - to be perfectly honest, it was freezing, and even the thought of walking the few blocks to the subway station seemed like a nightmare.

However in Austin, I found a few small venues that already do film fests and a contact pointed out that South by Southwest now have a film festival alongside the music conference. Since it's happening 10-19th March 06, I probably won't be able to make the deadline for this year's, but definitely next year...if they'll have it!

Austin was t-shirt warm, pretty unbelievable, and I spent most of my time hiding in dirty bars playing pinball til my wrists ached.

Other things I picked up:
- Found
- Urb
- Exceptional toilet graffiti (featured pic is from Dobie Mall in Austin)
- A clapper board: On a shop exploration, I picked a new one up for $5 - previous films used and abused Mark Sandeman's, for which I'm deeply endebted to him.
- A 3-D Madonna (aka the Virgin Mary) mirror (don't ask!)

That's it for now.


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