Sunday, January 15, 2006

More pics uploaded

I've been uploading tons more pics from the film to the flikr site. Click on the pretty banner or go here:

A big thanks to Hanneka, who tirelessly documented the rehearsals and filming in 2003. Also to Sampsa, who also sent me some pics ages ago.

Amy xx

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy New Year!

I came back from the States last Saturday...still recovering from jetlag but I did manage to unpack my bags before collapsing into a heap, which is a first for me.

My trip bore fewer fruits than I anticipated, but I have to admit, it was hard not to get lulled into thinking of it as just an opportunity to relax. I did receive a very important phonecall while playing putt-putt golf...and no, that rabbit wasn't trying to hold me for ransom.

While in New York, I stopped in at K&M Camera on East 23rd, where I purchased 4 rolls of Super 8 film for supercheap, 2 in color and 2 in black & white, with the hopes of shooting some short films this year. I've already warned Hanneka of her imminent stardom.

I wasn't as lucky at making film contacts in NYC - to be perfectly honest, it was freezing, and even the thought of walking the few blocks to the subway station seemed like a nightmare.

However in Austin, I found a few small venues that already do film fests and a contact pointed out that South by Southwest now have a film festival alongside the music conference. Since it's happening 10-19th March 06, I probably won't be able to make the deadline for this year's, but definitely next year...if they'll have it!

Austin was t-shirt warm, pretty unbelievable, and I spent most of my time hiding in dirty bars playing pinball til my wrists ached.

Other things I picked up:
- Found
- Urb
- Exceptional toilet graffiti (featured pic is from Dobie Mall in Austin)
- A clapper board: On a shop exploration, I picked a new one up for $5 - previous films used and abused Mark Sandeman's, for which I'm deeply endebted to him.
- A 3-D Madonna (aka the Virgin Mary) mirror (don't ask!)

That's it for now.